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1/  Watch Les in an interview on CNN.

2/ WILL WARS (Leader-Post, Jun 27 2015)
Don't assume goodwill when it comes to an inheritance.
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7/  Watch Les as a CTV News Success Story.

8/ Watch Les on CHCH Square Off.

9/  Watch Les receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

10/  Listen to Les Kotzer's song, 'The Family Fight Song'.

11/  Watch Les' music video, Photos in a Drawer, on YouTube.

12/  Wills lawyers Barry Fish and Les Kotzer have prepared four helpful audio seminars for you to listen to. Each seminar covers a different topic of interest. Click here for more details or to order yours.

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14/  Watch Les discussing The Wills Lawyers on Canada AM


1/  Money Magazine Review

2/  Good Times Magazine

3/  Book recommendation letter from retired judge Killeen (Superior Court judge for 34 years)

"The Wills Lawyers is a must read. It is more than a book. It is an education. Barry Fish and Les Kotzer have done a masterful job of telling powerful stories that should serve to remind us how important it is to know what you are doing when you prepare your will. It is their best book so far!"

-John F. Rothmann
Radio Talk Show Host and political analyst
KKSF 910 A.M. in San Francisco

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