Watch co-authors Barry Fish and Les Kotzer
Watch co-authors Barry Fish and Les Kotzer on YouTube, reading stories from their new book "The Wills Lawyers"
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"Stories from The Wills Lawyers"

1/  Watch Les in an interview on CNN.

2/ WILL WARS (Leader-Post, Jun 27 2015)
Don't assume goodwill when it comes to an inheritance.
Read the article HERE.

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5/ CLICK HERE to order Financial and Medical Power of Attorney Kits (Ontario Residents only)

6/ Click here to watch Barry Fish and Les Kotzer on YouTube, reading stories from their new book "The Wills Lawyers".

7/  Watch Les as a CTV News Success Story.

8/ Watch Les on CHCH Square Off.

9/  Watch Les receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

10/  Listen to Les Kotzer's song, 'The Family Fight Song'.

11/  Watch Les' music video, Photos in a Drawer, on YouTube.

12/  Wills lawyers Barry Fish and Les Kotzer have prepared four helpful audio seminars for you to listen to. Each seminar covers a different topic of interest. Click here for more details or to order yours.

13/ Media wishing to contact the authors please e-mail leskotzer at
OR call 1.877.439.3999

14/  Watch Les discussing The Wills Lawyers on Canada AM

Five stories from THE WILLS LAWYERS...

1/ A Frank Discussion: (2:39) Read by Les Kotzer (a do it yourself will with a twist)

2/  Cruel Sister: (1:52) Read by Les Kotzer (her cold, heartless words destroyed their relationship)

3/  I Heard My Mother's Words: (5:36) Read by Les Kotzer (Life supports or not? How a daughter made a heart breaking decision)

4/  Taking Dad for a Ride: (3:51) Read by Barry Fish (How low can a person go?)

5/  The Knife in Dad's Heart: (2:12) Read by Barry Fish (How our sister made dad die twice)

To read The Wills Lawyers Table of Contents and the Introduction, CLICK HERE

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